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              Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out what in the world I want for Christmas. I always default to things for my horses because they tend to be expensive, hay burning nags that seem to constantly need things. I usually try to think of a few practical ideas like gift certificates to the feed store or I look through my tack and ask for more bits (to add to the never-ending collection). We all know horse loving men and women are a special breed of their own. And if you’re not a horse person, you'll find yourself stressing over the idea of what to buy, where to buy it and if it’s going to live up to the standards of the crazy horse person you’re buying for. If you’re finding yourself in that situation, this list was made for you! This list is compiled of things for the one you love and the horses they love.


1. I’m going to start this list with one of thee most SIMPLE and EASY gifts you can put together – a brush or bath set. Go to a feed store, buy a feed pail and stuff it full of grooming products. Good examples of grooming products are – brushes of all sorts, shampoo, show sheen and rubber bands for manes and tails. I’m gonna tell ya, clean horses come before clean houses. Horse people take clean horses seriously.


2. This next bullet point is for those of you that like to call this frozen tundra, six months of winter having, frozen nose hairs and getting 1-6 feet of snow overnight area, home. (i.e. the Midwest) There are so many awesome products out there to keep yourself warm and still functional while doing chores. First off, a good pair of gloves is a must! Find a pair that are warm and waterproof. Next are lined jeans. These things are awesome and if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out! They keep your legs warm without feeling like a marshmallow. Use them while you’re outside and they’re great for riding too! A few other great products for the cold are wild rags, warm hats, wool socks, neck gators and electric hand warmers. Hand warmers are a gift from Heaven here in Wisconsin! 

Support a small business and shop  Daisy If You Do Co

for these gorgeous wild rags! 


This may be the most important bullet point in this list. Read this one very carefully.  


Figure out what kind of feed your loved one prefers to feed and go buy them a bag or go buy them a gift certificate for the feed store and you will never see a happier person. Horses always need feed and if you were to help with the feed bill for a month, they will be eternally grateful. Again, this is important – don’t forget this one. 

4. Jeans. Let’s talk about jeans for a minute. Jeans are the biggest staple in every cowgirl and cowboy’s wardrobe. Going to the barn? Jeans. Going to ride? Jeans. Going to a show? Jeans. Going to Walmart? Pajamas. Just kidding, wear jeans. Jeans go with anything and can be worn for just about everything as well. For riding and everyday use, I really like my Cowgirl Tuff and Ariat jeans. They’ve held up over the years and are very comfy. 

5. This next gift is one that I believe a lot of people look over or completely forget about. Give the give of riding lessons! I asked for this a few times in my younger years and it was so thoughtful. Whether you’re just starting out riding or wanting to give a different discipline a try – find a credible trainer and book some riding lessons! 

6. Next is Hay Chix nets. These nets are all around awesome. They have a net for just about anything you can think of! They have micro nets, stall feeder nets, half and whole square bale nets and nets big enough for your round bales. What I think is cool is they also have DIY netting. I ordered some of this and made a slow feed net out of an older feeder that I have. You can order Hay Chix right here through Kay Equine as well! Find them in our online store here. Here is a review from one of Kay Equine’s customers: 


           “Hands down the best investment I have ever made in the horse industry! I went through the cheap brands monthly and I have had Hay Chix nets for up to 4 years old that I still use. I have about 4  round bales nets and 12 half bale nets. They save hay which saves me money and they’re super easy to use! 5 stars!!” 

7. We’ve made our way to the last gift on this list. Save the best for last right? Every horse lover out there loves finding new tack under the Christmas Tree. Who am I kidding, I always like getting tack for a gift during the year! Kay Equine offers high quality handmade tack that is known for the quality and durability. The headstalls, reins and breast collars are the softest and most supple on the market with an affordable price tag!  Check out our products by clicking on the tabs above to see the latest products available. 

A fool proof choice is one of our bright mule tape halters that can be found here


And there ya have it! I hope this list will help you on your endeavor of finding the perfect gift for that horse loving person in your life! And if it doesn't, read the list again. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! 

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