Care Instructions:

If you are wanting to clean up your order here are some simple steps that will get your leather looking clean and supple again.

STEP ONE:  We want to fully disassemble the product. Untie the ends, unbuckle, etc. Here is an example of a browband headstall disassembled. 

STEP TWO: Take a damp cloth and wipe off any dirt or residue.


STEP THREE: Take a soft bristle brush, tooth brushes work great, and gently scrub the leather and hardware in a circular motion. You can use warm water or if the leather is really dirty you can add just a drop of dish soap. Then wipe off leather any soapy water with a damp cloth. Leather leather dry for an hour.

STEP FOUR: If your leather is feeling a little dry, you can go ahead and oil it. I use neatsfoot oil for all of my leather work. You can use another soft bristle brush or a cloth for this process, and latex gloves work great for keeping clean. Use the brush or cloth and soak up some oil from your container, then apply to leather. I am very generous when oiling leather, I will sometimes soak in a warm bucket of neatsfoot oil. However this will darken the leather quite a bit if it is a lighter oiled product. Let your leather dry before putting back together.

CAUTION: Do not soak your leather ties in oil, the oil will cause them to weaken. If your leather ties need some oil, just apply a light coat to them with a brush or cloth.

STEP FIVE:  Assemble your product back together and Enjoy! 

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